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Mr. Torino Coming 2014

We Are

A design team that specializes in all things bold yet sexy. We've been taught that less is more, so our refined and minimal style keeps our projects fresh and to the point.

Truth be told, Torino doesn't believe in monkey business,
and neither should you.

We Do

The whole logo thing, obviously. As it pertains to cards, brochures, posters, media kits and all things print – we got that down too. Photo you ask? We got Eduard for that. You want the truth? Our favorite projects are those that include all of the above mentioned, followed by a website to bring it all together. Torino is this. Take it and live it.

Torino Who?

To better understand our concept, you must first get an idea of who our boss is.

Torino. One crazy man, mysterious by design and aggressive by intention. He's a master mind. Talk to him.

Recent Work

Some of our most recent work.
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